Dr.Kaushik Pal

Researh Professor , University Technology of Malaysia

Prof. (Dr.) Kaushik Pal belongs to an Indian citizen and born in Kolkata. He received his Ph.D. from Kalyani University (India). Most significant prestigious awards “MarieCurie Experienced Researcher Postdoctoral Fellowship” offered by the European Commission in Greece and “Brain Korea National Research Foundation Visiting Scientist Fellowship” in South Korea achieved in his research career. He was appointed “Senior Postdoctoral Fellow” at Wuhan University, China and achieved a prestigious position “Chief-Scientist & Faculty (CAS) Fellow” by Chinese Academy of Science. Recently working as “Research Professor (Group Leader and Independent Scientist)”, at the Department of Nanotechnology, Bharath University (BIHER), Chennai. His current spans are focusing e.g. Nanofabrication, functional Materials,CNT’s & graphene, liquid crystal, polymeric nanocomposite, electron microscopy and spectroscopy, switchable device modulation, flexible and transparent electrodes, supercapacitor, optoelectronics, drug delivery and biosensor applications. He supervises a significant number of Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral scholars thesis. His outstanding research finding and novelty published around 70-articles in several international top-tier journals, e.g. IOP Nanotechnology, Royal Chemical Society, Elsevier, Springer, IEEE publications got the highest citation in every year and performed editing 25-book’s chapters and 8-Review Articles. Throughout his academic experiences, skills and research background deserve him as an Editor-in-Chief of ‘PanStandford’, ‘En Press’, ‘Elsevier’ and ‘InTech’ publisher edited several book’s chapters and since last year reviewed around 100 articles. Prof. Pal is an expert group leader as well as the associate member of various scientific societies, reorganizations and professional bodies. He was the chairperson of 25-National or International events, Symposium, Conferences, Workshops, Summer Internship organized, and himself contributed around 8-Plenary, 20- Keynote and 30-Invited lectures worldwide.

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